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  • Receive 50% off your first drink @ the bar when you submit your tips in person at the bar.

  • Any Member who picks 9 WINNERS or 9 LOSERS receives a FREE Schooner of beer from the bar.

  • End of year gathering will consist of a finals game (to be nominated) where drinks will be at happy hour prices for the whole game & nibbles at half time as well as the unveiling of the mystery rounds and prize payments to the winners.



  • Cost $25 (5291 Club Members $20)

  • First game is Wednesday 16th March 2022, 1st Round.

  • All monies must be paid by the start of the 3rd round 30th March 2022

  • Any matches that are a draw will be counted as a NO RESULT; zero points awarded

  • 2 nominated rounds will be BLIND & points will be unveiled at the end of year gathering  

  • PRIZE POOL WILL BE AWARDED TO 1ST, 2ND & 3RD.  In the event of a draw for any placing the money will be combined and split in two as done in racing.

  • All tips of the week MUST BE IN before the bounce of the FIRST BALL OF THE ROUND. No tips to be entered after the first bounce.

  • When NO TIPS have been entered by first ball the away teams will be allocated for your week’s entry.

  • By paying your fee confirms you agree with the above terms.

  • If you wish to participate, please give your name and money to the bar staff.

  • ALL enquired to Stephen or TJ if I'm away (Leave the bar staff alone).

No upcoming events at the moment
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